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Basketball Policies

BBA Board -By Laws

Uniform Policy

The Brainerd Basketball Association will provide uniforms to all players in the travel program, and there is no additional cost for the uniforms.  Here are the specifics for uniforms:

3rd and 4th grade

Reversible blue and white jersey tops with numbers will be provided to all players who participate in 3rd and 4th grade, and these uniforms are expected to last for the two seasons.  It does not matter if you participate for the first time in 3rd or 4th grade, each participant will receive a jersey the year that participation in the BBA travel program begins.  The player may keep the uniforms beyond 4th grade.

5th to 8th grade

High quality reversible uniform top and bottoms will be provided to all 5th graders in the BBA travel program.  These uniforms are designed to last 5-7 years.  Care instructions are provided to each family when the uniforms are new, and if the uniforms are cared for correctly there should not be any quality issues during the product life.

In the event that sizing becomes an issue for the participant, uniforms pieces can be traded-in and exchanged for a larger size at any time.  There is NO cost if uniform pieces are exchanged.  The larger replacement uniform piece(s) that are received may or may not be new.  All traded-in uniform pieces will become part of inventory for the BBA travel association to use in the future.  Numbering is the main component in the decision about whether a player would receive a new uniform component upon trade-in.

If uniform pieces are lost, the cost of a replacement uniform piece will be passed onto the participant in order to get a new uniform.

At the end of 8th grade, participants are free to keep the uniform pieces, but the BBA would gladly accept them into the uniform inventory or as part of ongoing donations to the Brainerd School District.

Please contact the Uniform Coordinator through the Contacts tab at the top of this page for any questions related to uniforms.

BBA Playing Time Policy - updated 6/17

There is no formal written playing time policy, in order to allow for individual team and age level playing time needs.  However, the BBA has used the following points to describe playing time guidelines to its parents and players:

  • No guarantee of a certain amount of playing time.  In addition, the head coach and BBA Board of Directors have discretion to institute disciplinary or other player conduct/effort/attitude/attendance penalties that negatively impact the amount of playing time during a given game or tournament.
  • “More equal” playing time at lower grade levels.
  • BBA attempts to control team roster sizes, when possible, to allow for more playing time.
  • Playing time should be judged over the course of a tournament vs. only one game.
  • All players on a team will play, unless otherwise specified by the BBA Board of Directors.

Concession operation during PBC tourney

in 2016 during the Paul Bunyan Tournament weekends, the association will be running concessions in partnership with Forestview Middle school.   This will be a nice fundraiser for the association.  There will be volunteer hours to sign up for using the Dibs interface on our website.  Once we have chosen the concession coordinators they will be available with questions

2017 BBA 3 on 3 Tournament

We are excited to be in the process of having a 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament in October (MEA Weekend).  More details to come in the spring of 2017.  If you are interested or if you have questions please Contact John Pecarich or at (218) 820-4416.