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How to be a youth sports parent

It is a challenging to be a youth sports parent, but there are a few simple things to remember: 

- It is your child's activity, not yours; 

- Ask your child what they want out of their activity, and use that as your determination of a successful season; 

- Remember all of us can only have one role in our child's activity (coach, players, official, parent or fan).  What role do you have, and are you attempting to do more than one role?

All coaches in the Brainerd Basketball Association have gone through the Trusted Coaches program prior to being allowed to coach your children.  The program also includes a component from the Positive Coaching Alliance, and below is a document that can help you be a better parent for your child's activity.

Parent's Information/Volunteer Policy

The following information is for a player's parents or guardians in regard to roles and responsibilities while participating in the Brainerd Basketball Association.

Player Registration Form
To register your son or daughter to play in our basketball association you can use the Player Registration Form. After completing and submitting the form you will have the option of paying electronically or mailing a check for the participation fee.

Player Participation Fees
The total fee is due at time of registration, it can be paid online or offline(check can be mailed) A refund will be made if your child chooses not to play on a team before the first tourney is played.  The BBA will not let fees stop a child from participating.   If financial assistance is needed, please contact Joel Staehling via the Contacts page immediately to apply, or forms will be available at the Parent Meeting.  No refunds will be allowed after the first tournament.  Please register on time to save money.

  • Fees for Brainerd Basketball Association K-2 program are $25
  • Player participation fee for players in 3rd grade Girls and Boys as well as 4th grade Boys and girls is $100 through December 30. Starting December 31 the fee is $125.
  • Player participation fee for players in grades 5, 6, 7, & 8 is $295.00 through October 31. Players must be registered in order to participate in tryouts.  Starting November 1st the fee is $345.00.

Revenue generated by the association is used to cover general administration fees (copying costs, printing and mailing, storage shed and monitor fees, gym space rental, etc), custodial fees, tournament workers, referees, equipment expenses, tournament fees, uniforms, coaches, Brainerd basketball school program and BBA website.

Commitments and Responsibilities
Participating in Travel basketball is a privilege requiring a significant time commitment for the player and their family. Because of the competitive nature of Traveling Teams and their associated games, players must make a commitment to the team by making attendance at practices and the league/tournament games a high priority. If participants are unable to make that commitment, they should not participate in the Travel program. You will also do your best to attend your child's games to show that you are proud of them. The officials of any contest are impartial arbitrators who are trained and who perform to the best of their ability. Mistakes by all those involved in the contest are a part of the game.

Volunteer Hours-Deposit Check

BBA will require all Families to work 6 Volunteer hours (8 Family MAX)during the 2016 Paul Bunyan Basketball Tournaments and various opportunities.  That can be done either during the boys weekend or the girls weekend.  BBA will require each family to write a check for $150 as a deposit for their Volunteer hours. When your work is completed, your check will be returned to you or shredded at the end of the BBA Season.   If you do not complete your hours, your check will be cashed.  We will also be using the automated Dibs program for sign up on this website.  To supplement the participation fee, BBA sponsors the "Paul Bunyan Classic Tournament" scheduled for the second (boys) and third (girls) week in February. As a parent, you understand that you must get involved in either the Boys Paul Bunyan Classic Tournament or the Girls Paul Bunyan Classic Tournament and will not plan any out of town trips those weekends without first finding a backup volunteer to take your place.

Team Manager

All Travel Teams will need a Team Manager.  This volunteer person will be responsible for collecting any Volunteer Checks not given at Registration night and well as additional team communication as the coach and team manager determine on their own. This position will count towards completion of this individuals Volunteer hours.  We will also give you and the coach access to your team page on this website.  This will full fill your volunteer hours

Players are expected to notify the coach as far in advance as possible if they are unable to attend a practice or a game. Any player who misses a practice or a game without an authorized excuse may be excluded from playing in the next game at the discretion of the coach. If excluded, the player is expected to dress for and attend the game. Absences are authorized for the following reasons, but players must still notify the coach: 1. Illness / injury / family emergencies 2. Official school function 3. Religious education or services 4. Participation in Varsity or Junior Varsity sports .


Uniform Care Washing
For best results, the uniforms should be laundered as soon as possible after being soiled. Uniforms should be washed in cold water and cold rinse using a mild detergent. Wash inside out for best results. This will prevent damage to the screen printing. Do not use any bleach when washing the uniform. Drying - Even though the drying instructions on the uniform permit tumble drying at the lowest temperature, all uniforms should be hung on rust proof hangers or drying rack to drip dry. This procedure will help prevent shrinkage. Drying in the dryer could also ruin the screen printing.

To all Brainerd Basketball Association (BBA) Traveling Parents,

First of all, thank you for all the support during this Travel season to date. We appreciate your time and help throughout the season to get your children to practice and games.

Part of being in the BBA requires all Families to work 6 Volunteer Hours (8 Family MAX) - two or three volunteer shifts.

This is our only fundraiser we have for the year and can only be run with all of your help.

Here is what the money goes toward:

Revenue generated by the association and the tournament is used to cover general administration fees (copying costs, printing and mailing, storage shed and monitor fees, gym space rental, etc.), custodial fees, tournament workers, referees, equipment expenses, tournament fees, uniforms, coaches, Brainerd basketball school program and BBA website. This also helps to keep registration fees low.

These include admissions, score keeping, clock worker, set up, clean up and to help hand out trophies.

The sooner you sign up, the better choice you have to get a shift that works for you.

Parent Volunteer Sign Up

Boys tournament


Girls Tournament



27 Ways to Be an Awesome Sports Parent

Sports are competitive and it’s easy for parents to get caught up in the game just like the players and coaches do. Every parent wants their child to have success and it and it gives parents a rush of excitement to see it happen.

Unfortunately, this adult fueled competitiveness and the innate parental desire to see your child to succeed has led many parents forget what is really important in youth sports.

On the other hand we have parents who come to games, sit happily on the sidelines encouraging their kid, and appreciate the enjoyment their child is having no matter what numbers say on the scoreboard.

These are the parents we need more of.

27 ways to be an Awesome sports parent

Patience...what youth development is missing

Here is a link to an article by John O'Sullivan of Changing the Game Project.  It stresses that parents and coaches alike need to practice patience in the development of youth athletes.  

"You will be thankful that you had the patience to take the good and the bad, and to let your child develop as children do; not in a straight line, but in a squiggly, messy, line, improving, struggling, failing, moving on, and all the while on a journey with an unknown destination, but a well charted path of both success and failure."

John is an internationally known speaker for coaches, parents and youth sports organizations, and has spoken for TEDx, the National Soccer Coaches Association of America, IMG Academy, and at numerous other events throughout the US, Canada and Europe.  Mr. O'Sullivan received his BA from Fordham University, and his Master's Degree from the University of Vermont.  

Patience - the missing ingredient

Don't be that sports parent

Click on the link below to view the short video from the Washington Post regarding its recent series of articles about parents and their student athletes.

Don't be that sports parent video

MSHSL "Why We Play"

Here is a link to the Minnesota State High School League's video entitled "Why we Play", which focuses on redirecting the emphasis away from "goals" and toward "purpose" and "objectives."

"Why we Play" video

Why Sports Matter

Read about how sports can teach values; how sports can help a child live a longer, happier life; how sports can teach resilience, courage and grit; sports can give a voice to the voiceless. - Changing the Game Project